The City of Melbourne contracts with Waste Management to pick-up our curbside trash, recycles, and yard waste. They set the schedule and rules regarding collection. The schedule for these pickups is:

  Trash Recycles Yard Waste
Tuesdays X    
Wednesdays   X  
Fridays X   X


Trash and Recycles must be completely within the receptacle. Items outside the cans will not be picked up. Additional cans can be purchased from the City.

Yard Waste must be placed at the end of the resident's driveway on the opposite side from the trash can(s). Your own cans must be used. If you have loose yard waste, it MUST be cut to less than 4 feet in length and in a pile/bundle no more than 50 lb in weight. Heavier piles or cans will not be picked up.

What about items that don't fit in my trash can?
Bulk items include discarded furniture and household junk that will not fit in your garbage cart. For a special bulk yard waste collection, using the clam truck, please call Waste Management at (321) 723-4455 or the City's ECO Division at (321) 608-5080 to schedule.

What about large piles of debris, like from a storm or a contractor?
Large piles of yard debris will NOT be picked up by Waste Management and subjects the resident to fines by the WFHOA and the City. The only exceptions are when a disaster declaration due to a tropical storm or hurricane has been made and the City has made notice of right-of-way debris pickup. No other exceptions are authorized by WFHOA or the City. Yard waste generated by landscape contractors or tree removal workers must be disposed of by the contractor and is not included within the requirements of the City's sanitation contractor's responsibility. If you see a contractor not removing yard waste, please report it.


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